Harlequin Duo dark grey/light grey vinyl roll, 2m width

Launched over four decades ago, Harlequin Duo is the original double-sided performance floor. It is a hard-wearing yet lightweight calendared vinyl that is slip resistant on both sides, so providing two floors in one! Harlequin Duo is our most versatile loose lay vinyl dance floor and stage flooring and is extremely popular among our broad range of customers across the world. It is ideally suited to touring due to good ease of handling and portability. Special wear coats on both surfaces make it easy to maintain. For TV and film production there is also a specialist range; Black/Projection Grey (005) for projecting onto, this has been developed to absorb ambient light and deliver a more vivid projection of images on to the vinyl surface. There is also Chroma Key Green/Chroma Key Blue, designed specifically for digital compositing, providing a practical solution for filmmakers and television producers as both a floor and backdrop.
  • Available in a wide range of colours – Now online!
  • Specified for loose-lay installation
  • Rolls out quickly, lays flat and stays flat – ideal for touring
  • Can be laid on any hard, smooth surface
  • Printed vinyl flooring is available. You can have a completely bespoke design or select one of our standard patterns or images.
Prices from €416.00 to €1248.00 + VAT   Please note: Rolls of flooring will be delivered on pallets to the nearest kerbside. Our flooring products are large and heavy so please ensure that the necessary arrangements to receive them are in place on the day of delivery. Experience suggests that 2 people will be required.

429.00 (ex. VAT / ex. postage)

  • Thickness – 1.3mm
  • Width – 2m
  • Roll length – 10m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m, 30m
  • Linear metres – 10, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30
  • Floor area – 20m2 , 30m2, 36m2 , 40m2, 50m2 , 60m2
  • Weight unpacked – 10m – 42kg, 15m – 60kg, 18m – 72kg, 20m – 81kg, 25m – 99kg, 30m -117kg
  • Installation method – for loose lay installation by top taping, using Harlequin PVC or Harlequin Gaffer floor tape.
  • (Click here for Harlequin Reversible installation guide)
  • Weight – 1.6kg/m²
  • Fire rating – Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
  • tap dance floor
  • ballet dance floor
  • contemporary dance floor
  • modern dance floor
  • multi-purpose use floor
  • hip-hop, jazz and street dance floor
  • aerobics floor
  • concert floor
  • display floor
  • floor for exhibitions
  • floor for television sets
  • stage or theatre floor
Black/Grey (004)
Black/Grey (004)
Black/Projection Grey (005)
Black/Projection Grey (005)
Black/White (001)
Black/White (001)
Chroma Key Green/Chroma Key Blue (119)
Chroma Key Green/Chroma Key Blue (119)
Dark Grey/Light Grey (003)
Dark Grey/Light Grey (003)
Hazelnut/Beige (310)
Hazelnut/Beige (310)
Tan/Fog (890)
Tan/Fog (890)

What tape do I use to install Harlequin Duo vinyl?

Our PVC floor tapes are recommended. Our High Performance tape is matt clear so works with the full range of colours.

We also have Harlequin professional cloth gaffer’s tape with colours to match your Reversible/Duo floor, there is a minimum order quantity of 96 rolls with a 6 week lead-time.

How do I store my roll of Harlequin Duo?

To safely store Harlequin Duo, roll it around the core and store horizontally. Harlequin Roll Storage Bags, Roll Straps & Roll Storage Carts are available to assist with storage.

What do I do if I store my vinyl incorrectly and it has ripples?

Try reverse rolling the vinyl tightly onto the core and leaving in a warm room. There is also a chance rolling out the vinyl and leaving in a warm room may work in getting rid of some of the ripples but there is no guarantee.

Can I permanently install Duo?

Reversible can be loose-laid only and secured with single-sided top tape. Cutting and taping guide can be found here.

How should I clean my Harlequin Duo vinyl?

Sweep the Harlequin Vinyl Floor with a soft broom or dust control mop to remove any loose dirt, debris and dust. Damp mop the floor using a diluted solution of Harlequin Vinyl Daily Cleaner in the ratio of 1:50 (100 ml of Daily Floor Cleaner in 5 litres of clean warm water). Rinse with plenty of clean water and allow the floor to dry thoroughly before use. Detailed cleaning instructions available here.

What is the delivery service?

Our standard delivery service is 2-3 working days.

Harlequin makes every effort to have your order of flooring delivered in a safe manner and in the best of condition. As a result, your order will only be delivered by a Harlequin approved company. On the day of delivery, please make sure that someone is present to accept the delivery. Delivery of heavy palletised products, such as flooring is to the nearest kerbside. Our flooring products are generally large and heavy, so please ensure that necessary arrangements are in place on the day of delivery. Experience suggests that 2 people will be required to handle the delivery.

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