Harlequin Tap & Turn Board - Tap Dancing Board

The Harlequin Tap & Turn Board was designed for percussive dancers. It provides exceptional sound, is solid underfoot and is the perfect size of tap board to practise those variations at home.

An ideal tap board for practising whilst on the move, the expertly engineered Harlequin Tap & Turn Board is created from exterior grade birch plywood to keep feet protected while ensuring the production of crystal-clear sound.

The 915mm x 800mm tap dancing board panel is additionally reversible for convenience and variation. With one side of the 18mm birch plywood tap board coated in plain varnish, and the other side topped with Harlequin Duo performance vinyl, dancers are offered a choice of surfaces to practice on. 

A versatile product designed with bevelled edges and a built-in handle for ease-of-use and transportation, the Harlequin tap dancing board is perfect for dancers of all ages. The Harlequin Tap & Turn Board can be used to minimise damage to  existing flooring or for practice in a carpeted room.

If you have further questions about the Harlequin Tap & Turn Board, or about tap dancing boards in general, please contact us. Alternatively, please place your enquiry or order from our online store

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