Ballet Barres and Brackets

Whether you choose Harlequin portable freestanding ballet barres or permanent wall- or floor- mounted ballet barres, you will realise they are almost a prerequisite for the dancer. Barre exercises focus on flexibility, strength, balance and precision. They also add a finishing touch to a dance studio or rehearsal space. Choose from wall-mounted, floor-mounted, retro-fitted into existing floors or freestanding, with some fixings available in a lacquered finish, with a choice of colours or a silver epoxy coated finish.


Who we work with

“Harlequin was the only possible choice we feel AYBC could make.”
Norton Ramos Fantinel Founder and artistic director

The Harlequin range of ballet barres

Single and double wall-mounted brackets & barres

Harlequin’s wall-mounted ballet barres feature various shaped mounting plates and both lacquered and non-lacquered versions to suit the design of your studio.

Floor-mounted brackets & barres

There are many occasions when it is not possible to fix ballet barre brackets onto a wall – perhaps in front of mirrors or where a wall is not suitable to accept fixings. Floor-mounted brackets are designed to be fitted at the same time as the installation of a Harlequin sprung floor, the vertical leg of the barre support is mounted onto the substrate and the sprung floor built around it.
Harlequin offers both lacquered and non-lacquered floor-mounted ballet barres to suit the style of any studio. For maximum versatility, we also have an adjustable ballet barre bracket in our range.

Retro-fitted floor mounted brackets

Harlequin retro-fitted floor-mounted brackets are constructed from high grade steel with a powder coated finish. The base is fitted with a cover plate to hide the floor fittings and provide a streamlined look to your studio.
Harlequin retro-fitted floor-mounted brackets can be fitted professionally or purchased for self-install. The brackets are available black from stock and a range of colours to order.

Under window wall-mounted brackets and pillar brackets

Custom designed brackets to allow wall barres to be fitted across most windows or obstructions. These are available to order with the lacquered versions of the Harlequin wall-mounted ballet barre brackets. Please call us on 00 800 90 69 1000 or +352 46 44 22 for details.

Ballet barre corner angle sleeves

Harlequin’s ballet barre corner angle sleeve is designed to join the ends of two Harlequin pine or beech barres within a corner.

Freestanding ballet barres

Our professional studio quality barres are lightweight yet very stable. They come in a one size epoxy coated steel version with a pine barre or in three different sizes, constructed from anodised aluminium with a smooth silver finish, available with your choice of aluminium or beech barre.