Making the correct choice of dance floor is vital when designing your performance space.

From world-renowned dance companies to local dance schools, the dance studio is a dancer’s ‘work’ environment, the floor being the tool that is a fundamental to their work. Harlequin continues to work with dance industry specialists around the world to research and develop world-class performance flooring suitable for all dance genres.

A sprung panel dance floor system offers some degree of bounce and flexes under impact. Performers need this to absorb shock and protect their joints from injury, especially when performing jumps and lifts. Harlequin’s expert team travel the world installing our range of Harlequin sprung floor systems in a wide range of venues. Sprung floor panel systems are also available as a portable option for purchase or hire.

Harlequin’s wide range of vinyl dance floors are used by the world’s top dance companies. Installed as a permanent floor in dedicated performance venues or dance studios, or as a portable solution for touring and pop-up events, a vinyl dance surface can be used alone or as a dance surface on top of a sprung floor. Harlequin’s range of vinyl floors offer better protection from the risk of slipping and falling.

Choosing a floor very much depends on the style of dance to be performed on it. Ballet, tap, jazz, national, modern, hip-hop or ballroom, Harlequin has a performance floor to suit your needs. Browse our range of Harlequin performance floors to get a better idea of the best floor for you or contact our dedicated technical team for advice.

For further information, advice and support, please contact our technical sales team. Call us on +44 (0)1892 514888 or email

Harlequin's experience and expertise in dance

Harlequin is widely recognised as the world’s leading authority on dance floors.  Harlequin has always worked closely with the dance community to develop floors that dancers want to dance on. Flooring products in the Harlequin portfolio have evolved to meet the specific needs of a particular dance style and have been developed in conjunction with dancers themselves.

Aware of the high injury level among dancers, Harlequin is an active supporter of IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science) and of NIDMS (National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science).  NIDMS, through shared expertise and a network of multidisciplinary partners, is working to provide better and more affordable access for all dancers to high quality, evidence-based, dance specific health care and dance science supported services.

Harlequin also provides backing and support for research work and is leading the quest for a relevant international standard for dance floors that can, in due course be referred to in specification documents.  Meanwhile the information derived from research studies already informs new product development.

Who we work with in Dance

"The Harlequin floors are really lovely to dance on because they give you the support that you need for all the different moves you might be doing"
Mirella Bartrip Director of Dance, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Read more