Harlequin Vinyl Floors

Harlequin’s range of vinyl floors can be laid on any hard, smooth sub-floor, used alone or as a dance surface on a sprung dance floor.
Harlequin’s event and display floors are the industry choice for TV and film production, concerts and tours, product launches, fashion shows, window displays and exhibitions.

Who we work with

“Harlequin was the only possible choice we feel AYBC could make.”
Norton Ramos Fantinel Founder and artistic director

The Harlequin range of vinyl performance floors

Harlequin’s wide range of high-quality vinyl floor options means that whether you are looking for a vinyl floor for dance, theatre, film and TV or for an event, we have an option that is right for you.

Harlequin’s vinyl floors are each designed for different purposes. Harlequin Cascade, for example, is a heavy-duty vinyl dance floor, renowned by generations of dancers and perfect for those who need a long-lasting, durable dancing surface.

Harlequin Standfast is a multi-purpose option, used largely for stage flooring. This option is ideal for those wanting hard-wearing, versatile vinyl flooring for s dance and theatrical performance, or for film and TV applications.

For those looking for a breath-taking, reflective floor, Harlequin Hi-Shine is the choice for TV, film and concert tours. Used by many leading TV shows including The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, and the choice of artists such as Little Mix, Lady Gaga and One Direction, its high-gloss PET surface ensures a stunning finish that is both highly reflective and highly durable.

Vinyl Dance Floor Accessories

In addition to Harlequin’s range of vinyl floors, a selection of quality vinyl dance floor accessories is also available. Harlequin’s vinyl floor tape is suitable for semi-permanent and portable installations, while vinyl floor roll straps help you secure vinyl rolls when being moved or stored. For additional protection, Harlequin’s vinyl floor storage bags enable your vinyl floor to be properly protected during transport.

Ordering Vinyl Dance Flooring

Browse the range of vinyl performance floors to find out more information about individual floor specifications and the colour choices available. If you would like more information, or would like to place an order or discuss a project, submit your enquiry or contact the team today on +44 (0)1892 514 888.