Home Studio Equipment

Harlequin’s home studio range allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home as you aspire to reach your dancing dreams. It has been designed with a dancer’s safety and comfort in mind.

It is well known that home practice improves technique and builds confidence and training on the correct floor dramatically cuts the risk of injury.

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“Harlequin was the only possible choice we feel AYBC could make.”
Norton Ramos Fantinel Founder and artistic director

Home Studio Equipment

Harlequin’s exclusive range of portable dance floor products allow dancers of all abilities to practice from the comfort of their homes without the risk of damage from inappropriate flooring. 

Our professional home studio equipment has been designed with the safety and comfort of dancers in mind. With Harlequin portable dance flooring, dancers can improve technique and build confidence with the aid of flooring that boosts performance while dramatically cutting the risk of injury. 

Portable Dance Floors

While practicing in the studio is ideal for when you are learning, teaching or performing in a group, it might not always be possible to benefit from the professional flooring that your institution has installed. While your school or studio will have specifically engineered floors permanently installed due to frequent usage, your home may not require flooring for the same purpose. 

Harlequin’s home studio equipment products have now been extended to offer a variety of portable dance floors that keep dancers protected whilst on the go. This range has been engineered from our standard dance floors which means that performers can benefit from dancing on professional flooring without having to install an entire set at home. We currently offer three key portable dance floors options which can be purchased depending on each person’s specific dance requirements. 

Practice Mat and Travel Bag

This portable dance floor product is the most lightweight and easy option for dancers who are constantly on the move. While it might not always be easy to find a professional dance floor to practice on, the Harlequin practice mat and additional travel bag can make it quick and easy to roll up and transport a dance floor to wherever the dancer wishes.

Our practice mats are manufactured from our own Harlequin Cascade, a vinyl dance floor product that is favoured by dance institutions across the world, including The Royal Ballet, New York City Ballet and The Bolshoi Ballet. We offer practice mats in a convenient 1m x 1m size that can be transported with ease. Please be note that our practice mats cannot be used on carpeted surfaces, hard flooring only. 

Tap and Turn Board

The Harlequin Tap & Turn board is an ideal portable dance flooring choice for percussive dancers who rely on the  production of crisp and clear sounds when performing. Our tap and turn board product is engineered specifically for this purpose and is manufactured from the finest exterior grade birch plywood to ensure that a crystal-clear sound is created whilst keeping feet protected. 

Available at a size of  915mm x 800mm, the tap and turn board is a perfect portable dance floor that can be carried with its built-in handle and stored away discreetly after use.  The product is additionally double sided for versatility and comes with a Harlequin Duo vinyl topping for use when necessary. 

If you would like to speak to our team about Harlequin portable dance floors, home ballet barres or any of our other dance floor products, please contact us or call on +352 46 44 22 to place your order today.