Dance and Soul choose Harlequin Flexity and Harlequin Studio for its Munich studio

28th March 2024

When Natalie Häusler moved her studio space to a new location in Munich, she knew she wanted to install a new Harlequin floor for her dancers to enjoy.

Natalie chose a Harlequin Flexity sprung floor with a Harlequin Studio vinyl top surface. 

The aim of Dance and Soul is to be the central hub for dancers in Munich, giving locals a comfortable studio to dance in. Anyone from the age of 2 can take classes in ballet, hip hop, jazz and contemporary at Dance and Soul.

Founder, Natalie Häusler, said: “The goal is to offer my students the perfect place to dance in, whether they are a beginner or a professional dancer.”

Natalie’s plan for the future is to open a second studio space in the centre of Munich.