Carnival of the Animals on printed Harlequin Studio

25th February 2020

The Skånes Dansteater, a contemporary dance company based in Malmö, Sweden, is taking its fabulous show Djurens karneval or Carnival of the Animals on tour through the South of Sweden and into Denmark.

Djurens Karneval ensemble in a freeze pose
© Lars Kroon

Marcos Morau’s choreography is based on Camille Saint-Saëns’ well-loved orchestral suite Le carnaval des animaux and promises to take the audience into a place where fantasy and reality meet. While the performances are suitable for children and adults alike, Djurens karneval plays with our perception of reality and turns cuddly, cute animals into dangerous beasts without warning.

Two dancers with walking canes and boxes with giant eyes on their backs
© Lars Kroon

The striking stage design and costumes by Silvia Delagneau feature black and white patterns which are rigid and organised by themselves, but come together in a clashing chaos.

One dancer on stage, blending into the monochrome stage design
© Lars Kroon

To achieve this, the ensemble required a dance floor with a printed surface to match the cross pattern of the wallpaper. They opted for 30m² of Harlequin Studio vinyl which provides a slip-resistant dance surface. Additionally, this professional dance floor with a closed cell foam backing keeps the performers’ minds at ease so that they can focus entirely on the choreography. Especially in contemporary dance, where contact with the floor occurs regularly with more than just the dancer’s feet, a floor which offers the right protective quality is very important.

Two dancers seemingly tumbling over on stage
© Lars Kroon

Djurens karneval will be on tour between February and May. Tickets are available from the Skånes Dansteater website.

Dancers: Sarah Bellugi Klima, Patrick Bragdell Eriksson, Tiemen Stemerding, Jing Yi Wang, Riccardo Zandoná

A collaboration by Danssamverkan Sydsverige.