The Emotion Dance Academy opens its new studio in the Algarve, Portugal

26th January 2023

This month the director and teacher of Emotion Dance Academy, Laura Abel, opened her new dance school in Armação de Pêra, Portugal.

Laura Abel has wanted her own dance school for years, and with the help from her close family this year, her dream became a reality. The grand opening of the new dance school took place on 7th January with over 100 people attending.

After a few consultations with Harlequin, Laura and her colleague Pedro Pinto decided on a Harlequin Flexity sprung floor and Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor for their studio.

Laura says: “For me, who above all is a dancer, one of the most important things is the floor. I’ve danced in many academies and companies in Portugal and abroad, and I think the comfort of having a floor that helps us be better dancers is what I value the most. So when we decided to do this, we knew it was going to be with the best conditions that we could give to our students –  and the Harlequin floor is undoubtedly the dream floor of any dancer!”

With over 100 students, the Emotion Dance Academy’s main goal is to make sure all students have fun after a long day of work or school. Laura says: “No matter the age, everyone is welcome!”

In the future, Laura plans to add more classes, more teachers and create shows/presentations for all of her students to continue enjoying their passion for dance.