Samuel Delvaux opens new dance training centre, Le Patio, in Liège

15th February 2024

After travelling and working as a dancer around the world, Samuel Delvaux decided his next career move was to open a new dance training centre in Liège.

Le Patio’s aim is to be part of the growth and development of the dance community in Liège. As well as being a training centre, Le Patio offers the studio space to choreographers to develop their work further. 

The founder and director, Samual Delvaux, knew he wanted a Harlequin floor in the new Liège centre: “I’ve known Harlequin since I started my professional career as a dancer. I noticed the difference during my first job at a theatre company. Since that moment, I have danced for many years in various theatres in Europe and around the world – always on a Harlequin floor!”

Le Patio currently has one dance studio with Harlequin Activity sprung floor and Harlequin Studio vinyl floor.

Samuel said: “I wanted a Harlequin floor for Le Patio, Maison de la Danse because it is the most important partner a dancer can have. I want everybody that comes to Le Patio, no matter whether they are a professional or an amateur, to have great conditions to dance in.”

Le Patio offers internships and workshops for modern jazz, contemporary and classical dance. Courses also include pilates and yoga.

Samuel plans to expand the dance centre this year with a second Harlequin studio.