Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma 

20th July 2023

Real Conservatorio Profesional De Danza (RCPD) Mariemma is a prestigious dance conservatory located in Madrid that chooses Harlequin floors to provide “top quality floors and safety” for all students.

The conservatory has been a client of Harlequin for many years with Harlequin Flexity sprung floor and Harlequin Studio vinyl floor in a number of their studios.

The Director of the Real Conservatorio Profesional De Danza Mariemma, Arantxa Carmona, is an expert in traditional Spanish dance and understands the importance of a sprung floor. She said: “The floor is everything in dance. It means our students can be as safe as possible.” 

More than 90% of former students join other dance companies after graduating, such as the English National Ballet and the Royal Ballet School in London.

Students of the RCPD have also won numerous awards and recognitions in National and International Competitions. One of these talented students is Millán De Benito who won a scholarship at Prix de Lausanne 2023.

Millán De Benito plans to start training at the Royal Ballet School later this year. He said: “I am moving to London in September as I would love to continue my dance career there and graduate from the Royal Ballet School. I know the Royal Ballet School also has Harlequin sprung floors which is so important to me. It puts my mind at ease when I am dancing.”

Arantxa Carmona plans to continue creating various projects at the RCPD  for her students to establish institutional collaborations that make Spanish dance more visible and accessible. She explained: “Dance is wonderful and makes us be the best version of ourselves.”