Kent College in Dubai opens new studio for their performing arts students

17th May 2022

Kent College in Dubai is a top British International School which has close ties to their sister school in Canterbury, England. Located in Wadi Al Safa, the school has over 1200 pupils and 100 teachers.

The staff and students in the Performing Arts School wanted a space where they could take lessons and practise for their exams on a Harlequin floor. Having previously danced on Harlequin floors, Performing Arts teacher, Jacqueline Ketting, knew that the Harlequin Libertysprung floor and Harlequin Reversible vinyl performance floor would be a great choice for her students.

Jacqueline Ketting said: “My personal background and training is in dance so I’ve known about Harlequin floors since I was about 17 years old. Having trained at places such as Arts Educational School, Tring Park and the Royal Academy of Dance, I know that the quality and sustainability of a dance floor is very important.”

Kent College offers a BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts which is a high intensity course as well as offering other drama lessons and a Dance ECA class.

Jacqueline continued: “The students really appreciate the new floor. We’re glad they have a space which is safe for all of their training. They use it every day for various classes!”

The Performing Arts school includes two drama studios, a dance studio and a recording studio.

Kent College’s mission is to ‘develop happy pupils in an engaging, enabling and empowering environment, based on traditional core values.’

Harlequin works with a number of international schools, theatres and other performing art spaces in the Middle East.

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