Harlequin Liberty Switch - Vienna State Opera Installation

20th July 2022

The Vienna State Opera and Vienna State Ballet needed a rehearsal space with both a sprung and rigid floor that they could use on a daily basis. Following over two years of development, in 2022 Harlequin’s technical teams from the UK, Luxembourg and Germany worked together to install Harlequin Liberty Switch at The Vienna State Opera House. 

Before the installation of the Harlequin Liberty Switch system could begin, a sub-floor was constructed using timber battens to provide a completely level surface onto which the pre-manufactured Liberty Switch base panels, complete with the drives and control mechanism, were installed.

The Harlequin Liberty top panels were then laid and locked into place, finally being topped with a Harlequin Studio performance vinyl floor. 

The whole system is operated via a master control unit using a simple touch screen placed on the wall of the room which enables rapid transformation.