Dresden SemperOper

Dresden SemperOper
Situated on Dresden’s Theaterplatz, on the banks of the Elbe, the Dresden SemperOper was first inaugurated in 1841.

Tragically destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1869, it was bombed in 1945 during World War Two. 40 years later it was rebuilt on a model almost identical to the original before again suffering serious damage, this time when the Elbe burst its banks in 2002. Thanks to international financial aid, the Dresden SemperOper was able to open its doors again in 2002.

A short description of the building site

  • Type of site: Restoration works
  • Architect : Gottfried Semper & Johannes Schilling
  • Number of studios: Two rehearsal studios and one stage

Why did you opt for Harlequin?

Aaron Watkin, Artistic Director of the Dresden SemperOper
“I chose Harlequin because they are the best dance floors in the world. I myself always danced on Harlequin floors, whatever the dance company I was performing with!”

The selected products
The Dresden SemperOper rehearsal studios are equipped with the Harlequin Cascade dance floor, the most traditional in the Harlequin range.

Recognised as the most stable and easiest to handle dance and stage floor on the market, it combines high resistance with a slight emboss to provide excellent grip for classical dancing.

Its matt finish is especially appreciated by lighting designers.

In the rehearsal studios, the Harlequin Cascade floor is stuck down with glue and hot welded for an optimal aesthetic affect.

For dance shows the stage is fitted with a portable Harlequin Liberty sprung floor combined with the Harlequin Cascade dance floor.