The American Academy of Dance, Paris

The American Academy of Dance, Paris
Located at the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, the American Academy of Dance, Paris (Académie Américaine de Danse de Paris - AADP) gives its students living in France the opportunity to discover an approach to dance studies that is specifically American by virtue of its energy and philosophy.

Before being converted to dance studios, the building covering over 1,000m² was formerly the home of the French Society of Architects. The superb glass roof of the principal dance studio allows the space to be flooded in natural light. The glazed partitions of the four other studios located on the different floors enable students to observe the work of the greats without disturbing them.

A short description of the building site

  • Type of site: Building renovation
  • Architect: The architectural project was designed by Brooke Desnoës
  • Number of studios: Five dance studios

Why did you opt for Harlequin?

Brooke Desnoës, Director, AADP:
“I chose the Harlequin Liberty sprung floor because I teach many hours a week. Unlike other floors, this protects me and allows me to teach without having to take repeated breaks and above all without pain. I am genuinely overjoyed at my choice.” 

The selected products

The AADP dance studios are quipped with the Harlequin Liberty sprung floor. Complying with the DIN 18032-2 standard, it offers a uniform performance across the surface, with no hard points, coupled with an energy return that the dancers appreciate in particular when performing jumps.

The sprung floor is combined with the Harlequin Studio dance floor, the most comfortable in the Harlequin range. Extremely smooth, it also guarantees the necessary adherence for classical, contemporary, jazz and hip-hop dance.

One of the rehearsal studios is equipped with the Harlequin Standfast dance floor for the practising of percussive and character dances. This extremely resistant and versatile surface combines perfectly with the Harlequin Liberty sprung floor.

The dance floors are stuck down with glue and hot welded for an optimal aesthetic result.