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Harlequin News 2016

19-Feb-2016 Harlequin News 2016 Here's the latest issue of Harlequin News!

Features include:

  • Introducing One Dance UK - the voice for the whole of the UK Dance Industry.
  • We congratulate Prix de Lausanne Harlequin Scholarship winners.
  • Harlequin continues to support UK Dance Industry
  • Harlequin floors in Lagos, Melbourne, Hatch House and on tour with 5 Soldiers.
  • Harlequin Floors joins in the 50th anniversary celebrations with Australian Dance Theatre
  • Harlequin obtains rare interview with Madam Zhao Ruheng
  • Harlequin Floors and the Royal Academy of Dance – the perfect partnership

Harlequin News 2015

02-Feb-2015 Harlequin News 2015

Here's the latest issue of Harlequin News! Features include:

  • Wilkes Academy – a different kind of dance facility
  • Disused bank building transformed into top quality dance studios
  • Royal Albert Hall hosts 400 young dancers in Dance Proms
  • Ballet performed at breast cancer fund-raiser
  • Dancers on track at Antwerp train station
  • Further dance injury clinic opens as NIDMS dream becomes reality
  • Hi-Shine floor adds sparkle to Myer fashion event
  • Important new Belfast dance facility opens
  • Luke Hopper talks about his work in research
  • Harlequin Floors honoured by invite to Korea’s top dance event
  • Testing time for Boy Blue at Harlequin HQ
  • Trinity Laban’s building 10 years on
  • IADMS meet in Switzerland
  • New stage floor construction guide prompts interest with architects
  • Tune in to Harlequin’s YouTube video channel
  • Ballroom and Latin stars rely on a great dance floor to work with them
  • Varna International Ballet Competition
  • Harlequin partners with leading dance video web portal