Cleaning your vinyl floor

All brand new Harlequin vinyl floors should be cleaned with Harlequin vinyl dance floor cleaner in order to remove any residue which takes place during the manufacturing process.

To help prevent injuries and to prolong the life of your vinyl floor, follow our cleaning guidelines and use the correct products.

Cleaning a floor that IS NOT or WILL NOT BE dressed with emulsion

If you do not wish to dress your floor (with an emulsion dressing) then Harlequin vinyl dance floor cleaner can be used as your routine general cleaner. You can download further information here.

Cleaning a floor that IS or WILL BE dressed with emulsion

If, after initially cleaning your Harlequin vinyl floor, you wish to dress it for even more grip, then the following products can be used. (These products can also be used if you have a floor that has already been dressed). Please note; the following products are not suitable for use on Harlequin Fiesta, Harlequin Hi-Shine or Harlequin Showfloor.

You can download further information here.

  • Harlequin vinyl dance floor dressing - use to initially dress your Harlequin vinyl floor.
  • Harlequin vinyl dance floor maintainer - use to initially maintain your Harlequin vinyl floor and then for use as the regular cleaner, if you've chosen to dress your floor.
  • Harlequin vinyl dance floor dressing remover - used once or twice a year to remove the build up of floor dressing and floor maintainer, or for a deep clean.

Still require more grip?
If you still require more grip then Harlequin ConfiDance® liquid rosin will provide surface traction to any hard surface: vinyl, wood, tile or linoleum. Although Harlequin's dance floors have a slip-resistant surface, many studio owners have wood or tile surfaces which require more slip-resistance.

Material Safety Data Sheets

These are available to view and download within our 'Downloads' page under the heading 'Cleaning'.

You can view and purchase the above online at The UK Harlequin Shop. However, if you're unsure as to which products are most suitable for you, then please feel free to contact us.