What are the best floors for your needs?

Theatre professionals know how important it is to have a stage floor that is hardwearing and functional for all the fit ups, get outs and rigging that needs to be completed for every show.

At Harlequin we have a selection of vinyl floors that are suitable for the demanding needs of the theatre – floors that will stand up to trucks, flats and tallescopes running over them and can be cut to fit around tormentors, trap doors and revolves.

Harlequin specialises in floors to suit all requirements for dance, performing arts, entertainment and display, whether it be for musical theatre, theatre stages, drama, opera, amateur dramatics, TV sets or even floors to enhance stunning lighting effects.

Whether you need a floor for touring, musical theatre or one that gives a stunning mirror-like finish, we have a floor for you. Browse our range to get a better idea of the best floor for your needs or use our Floor Selector Guide to narrow down your search.

How Harlequin are supporting this sector

Harlequin is a member of PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) and has exhibited at the London show almost every year for the past 14 years.

Interesting facts

  • Did you know that a 'raked stage' is a platform that's arranged at an angle so the upstage end (the one furthest from the audience) is higher than the down stage end (closer to the audience). This can help to bring a performance closer to the audience and make it visible for all audience members, no matter where they're sitting.

Case studies

Barcelona Theatre Institute

Barcelona Theatre Institute

The Theatre Institute of Diputació in ...


The flying carpets of the Ulm theatre

The flying carpets of the Ulm theatre

Premiered in Spring 2007, the show RUMORT ...

Still unsure?

If you would like further information, FREE samples, a quote or just wish to discuss your requirements in more detail then feel free to contact our experienced sales team. They've worked on a wide range of projects and can advise on the best floors for your needs, along with accessories and aftercare.