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Harlequin Floors - Testimonials

Our clients are always happy to provide us with testimonials and a variety of these can be viewed below.


Dancing “The Little Onion” on an orange Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor

Dancing “The Little Onion” on an orange Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor

In 2008, an orange dance floor appeared on stage at the Croatian National Theatre for the portrayal of Cipollino, a ballet based on “Il Romanzo di Cipollino” (1951) by Gianni Rodari.

Almira Osmanovic was so inspired by the Bolshoi’s memorable interpretation of Cipollino, which was performed on an orange Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor, that she insisted on the same orange vinyl floor for Cipollino in Split. Dancing “The Little Onion” on an orange Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor has a double advantage; creating an unforgettable visual experience for the public and providing the dancers with a first rate floor.

Huge success for the great classics
Since her arrival in 2002 as Artistic Director of the Croatian National Theatre, Almira Osmanovic has invested body and soul to revitalise the somewhat abandoned classical ballet company of 20 dancers, who were without any real classical repertoire. Well-known classics such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Chipiniana, Don Quixote and Romeo & Juliet are once again awakening the audience’s love of theatre.

Testimony of Almira Osmanovic
The Director declared that Harlequin Cascade was a perfect choice. The public were won over and “the dancers, impressed by the quality of the floor, admitted that its surface helped them to bring out the very best in themselves.”


The Finnish National Opera chooses Harlequin

The Finnish National Opera chooses Harlequin

Inaugurated in 1993, the Finnish National Opera provides a strong connection between the national identity and contemporary artistic expression.

In the same way as the Bauhaus style, the Opera glitters with all its simple shapes, such as squares and rectangles, and offers a pure and transparent spatial setting to the 78 dancers, who come from 17 countries. They perform 100 shows every year on a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor, covered with a Harlequin Cascade vinyl performance surface; a perfect combination for classical and contemporary dance performances, as well as for the theatre. Synonymous with gigantism, the imposing Opera presents more than technological prowess.

Testimony of Kenneth Greve, Director of the Finnish National Opera
“Harlequin suggests for me what a dancer needs…a good base!”


A cascade of emotions at the Château of Versailles

A cascade of emotions at the Château of Versailles

Château of Versailles-Spectacles was looking for a dance floor which could stay outside for a whole month! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, thanks to a Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor!

In July 2007 an astounding performance of Swan Lake took place in one of the most prestigious settings in the world; the gardens of the Château of Versailles. The English National Ballet danced on Harlequin Cascade vinyl flooring, which was laid outside in the Le Nôtre gardens.

Harlequin Cascade: withstands all tests
The most robust of Harlequin’s nine vinyl floors; it is also a favourite among many large classical ballets because of its slightly rough, slip-resistant surface. One year later in July, the Château of Versailles will once again be the magical setting for the Tokyo Ballet’s tribute to Maurice Béjart.

A stage worthy of the Sun King!
On an enormous 600m² stage covered with a Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor, the Japanese company together with Sylvie Guillem interpreted Le Sacre du Printemps, La Luna, Bugaku and Boléro. Laid outside at the Neptune Lake, the Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor braved all weather conditions for a whole month. Its fibreglass coating ensures a perfect dimensional stability, which keeps it from rippling in spite of temperature variations.
The American Academy of Dance in Paris

The American Academy of Dance in Paris

The first American dance school in Europe, the American Academy of Dance in Paris (AADP), teaches ballet, jazz, contemporary dance and tap to youngsters and older pupils up to the age of 19.

In 2006, AADP chose Harlequin to equip their 5 studios with 450m² of Harlequin Liberty sprung floor covered with beige Harlequin Studio and Harlequin Fiesta vinyl floors.

Under the supervision of Brooke Desnoës, ex-pupil of the Alabama Ballet under Dame Sonia Arova and Sir Anton Dolin and later, teacher at the Washington School of Ballet, the originality of the classes has attracted a large number of students of which 60% are French.

Testimony of Brooke Desnoës
“When we moved to Rue du Cherche-Midi, we contacted Chantal Lagniau (General Manager of Harlequin Europe) about equipping our studios. She remembered us from 2000 when we were a little-known dance school in Paris. Harlequin was very professional when we worked with them the first time around and they have once again proven that the quality of their service is unparalleled!”
Ballet Biarritz on a mauve Harlequin Studio vinyl dance floor

Ballet Biarritz on a mauve Harlequin Studio vinyl dance floor

Developed to meet the demands of Nureyev, Harlequin's Studio vinyl floor has been Ballet Biarritz-CCN's preferred dance floor for over 10 years.

At the grand première of his newest creation “L’Amour Sorcier” and “Le Portrait de L’Enfant” performed in March 2008 at the Grand Théâtre of Luxembourg, the unusual scenery was very impressive: Manolo Valdés’ giant Ménines, extremely rare black rose petals and the Harlequin Studio vinyl floor, specially produced in mauve for this occasion.

Covered with Ménines’ tears, symbolised by the black rose petals, the mauve Harlequin Studio vinyl floor, the smoothest and most comfortable flooring in Harlequin’s range, emphasised the quasi mystical atmosphere.

Testimony of Thierry Malandain
“Flooring is a blank page on which one can write things and tell a story. The Harlequin Studio vinyl flooring is no exception to this rule.”
Jacques Rouveyrrolis chooses Harlequin Hi-Shine

Jacques Rouveyrrolis chooses Harlequin Hi-Shine

In Paris, the mythical concert hall, the Zénith, is empty. It is only 1.30pm on the 14th January; the day of Jacques Dutronc’s big return to the stage after a 17 year break.

Jacques Rouveyrollis evokes light with poetry and passion. He reveals his sources of inspiration, and then talks to us about Harlequin, and more specifically the Harlequin Hi-Shine floor. When he first worked with this floor, it was like a revelation, a revolution even. “There was a before Harlequin and an after Harlequin.” he insists.

Testimony of Jacques Rouveyrollis
"The Harlequin floor has profoundly changed my staging. Its magical reflections produce surprising and natural effects, like the reflections of water, which have always fascinated me. Before, we worked on the black glossy parquet which absorbed the light. With Harlequin Hi-Shine, however, it’s as if there was a mirror on the stage. The reflections are infinite."
Kamel Ouali - Cleopatra; last queen of Egypt

Kamel Ouali - Cleopatra; last queen of Egypt

Cleopatra, last queen of Egypt, first queen of Paris

After the success of “The Sun King”, his latest show, “Cleopatra; last queen of Egypt”, captured more than 600,000 spectators in 2009. The audience is plunged into a magical universe: incredible/astonishing costumes, extravagant sets, lively music and above all brilliant lighting effects, orchestrated by Jacques Rouveyrollis. And to top it all, there is a real story to follow – not only the destiny of a mythical queen, but the story of the East and the West.

Kamel Ouali creates a magical dream for his audience. Everything must reflect this dream - singers, dressmakers, songwriters and even the performance surface. That is why his choice naturally leaned towards the ultra-shiny black Harlequin Hi-Shine. It plunges the entire giant stage of the Palais des Sports into an almost mystical darkness. Under the play of shadows and lights expertly designed by Jacques Rouveyrollis, the sets come to life, the lights shine powerfully and each form and movement is endlessly multiplied.

Testimony of Kamel Ouali

“Harlequin Hi-Shine is made for the stage. It is glamorous and has a long life. It adds an aesthetic touch, going beyond its purely functional qualities.”

National Theatre of Chaillot chooses Harlequin Liberty

National Theatre of Chaillot chooses Harlequin Liberty

The National Theatre of Chaillot is one of five national theatres in France. It is located in the famous Place du Trocadéro and has a bird’s eye view over the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel tower.

In addition to the schedule of classical theatre pieces, the National Theatre of Chaillot has also been running a dance programme since the year 2000, which was established following a request by the Ministry of Culture.

A former cinema converted into a dance studio
As the National Theatre of Chaillot does not have a rehearsal studio, the rooms in the former Museum of Cinema situated in the basement of the Pavillon de Tête instead were equipped with a 120m² Harlequin Liberty sprung permanent floor back in June 2005.
Charles Jude chooses Harlequin Activity

Charles Jude chooses Harlequin Activity

In April 2005, Harlequin laid a Harlequin Activity sprung floor, covered with a black Harlequin Studio vinyl floor in the Painter’s Room of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux in France.

The Harlequin flooring is laid in a semi-circle, covering 290m² of the total surface area of 500m². The periphery of the room is reserved for warm-up, because the height under the original splendid beams is insufficient for the dance.

The artistic director of the National Ballet of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, Charles Jude, was appointed in 1996 after a 20 year career at the Paris Opera.

Accustomed to double floor joists, Charles Jude deplored the hardness of this type of flooring. He then went to London to test the Harlequin Activity sprung floor at the English National Ballet School and the Rambert Dance Company, where he was convinced by this innovative flooring. Another decisive criterion: the Painter’s Room is located just above the main room of the Opera and the Harlequin Activity sprung floor was chosen because of its acoustic properties.


The flying carpets of the Ulm theatre

The flying carpets of the Ulm theatre

Premiered in Spring 2007, the show RUMORT really surprised the German public due to a breathtaking interpretation!

Created by the choreographers Nik Haffner and Thomas McManus, ex William Forsythe and Frankfurt Ballet dancers, RUMORT turned the Harlequin dance floor unexpectedly into the star of the moment: the dance floor.

A surprising effect

Attached to solid steel cables, lengths of Harlequin Cascade dance flooring were suddenly brought to life, leading the dancers into a perfectly orchestrated game of hide-and-seek. The combination of dancers, the dance floor and Vivaldi’s music turned the RUMORT show into a multi-dimensional performance, drawing the eye of the spectator into its vertical waves.

An unusual project
Harlequin Cascade stood up to the demands of this unusual project: black on both sides, supple and hard-wearing, and maximum resistance to the heat of stage lighting.

DANSART: Perfect harmony between floor and dancer

DANSART: Perfect harmony between floor and dancer

DANSART is an innovative contemporary choreographic centre founded by German dancer Ulla Falke and Beninese dancer Tchekpo Dan Agbetou. Ulla and Dan chose to equip their studios with Harlequin Allegro vinyl dance floors.

Paris and New York-trained dancer and choreographer Tchekpo Dan Agbetou is the Artistic Director of the International Dance Festival in Bielefeld (Germany), founder of Dansart Tanznetworks, and also dancer/choreographer of the Tchekpo Dance Company. He has developed his own style of dance movement, blending African and contemporary dance with modern jazz.

Testimony of Tchekpo Dan Agbetou, Director of DANSART

“For me, Harlequin Allegro is a great success, both technically and spiritually. For a tree to sprout beautiful leaves and fruit, it must be planted in rich soil, in harmony with the rest of the world. All the dancers and students who dance with us feel this harmony because, when their bodies touch the floor it immediately feels right, they’re confident and are ready to give it all they’ve got.”


Harlequin Hi-Shine: reflections of hell!

Harlequin Hi-Shine: reflections of hell!

2006 marked the 10th anniversary of the artistic collaboration between Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten for the show ‘Hell’.

The two choreographers recreated the show for the Montpellier Festival by using a Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl floor to give their show a particular image.

Emio Greco and Pieter Scholten talk about their dance flooring
“For our new performance Hell, we were looking for a dance floor that could “change its identity”, a floor that could turn from liquid to solid and give the feeling that the stage was expanding or shrinking. Due to the Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl floor with its deep reflections, we were able to create this illusion of a space of infinite size.”


Los Teatros del Canal

Los Teatros del Canal

Located in a very well-known quarter in Chamberí, in downtown  Madrid, at the corner of Cea Bermúdez and Bravo Murillo streets, the “Teatros del Canal” (The theater of the Canal) has up to 12 floors and three adjacent buildings.

The facades have a nice mixture of steel, glass and dark red walls, which stand out against the blue sky of Madrid. It took almost seven years to finish this construction, where many issues and unexpected problems were involved. This new 21st century cultural centre is the architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg work of art, and offers a solution to the different shapes of scenic creation.

Harlequin took up the challenge!

It was indeed challenging; to find a dance floor which is suitable for all types of dancing: classical, modern, flamenco, hip-hop, theatre and other artistic activities.

Invented by Harlequin to fulfill the increasing demand for a multipurpose floor in big dance schools, the Harlequin Standfast dance floor corresponded perfectly to this multipurpose need. Thus, the 1,250m² rehearsal studios of the new Spanish choreographic center were covered with grey Harlequin Standfast dance floors, glued and welded, on Harlequin Liberty sprung floors.

Priority to dancing

The management and programming of the Theatres of the Canal have been entrusted to Albert Boadella, a controversial personality, yet eclectic; probably one of the best known actors on the Spanish stage. He has mainly created the famous “Els Joglars” theatre group. According to Albert Boadella, “Dancing will have a predominant place in the programming of these two theatres, which are provided with a choreography centre that is perfectly equipped”. He will be assisted by Ana Cabo, a dance expert in the Madrid Community.

Future headquarter of the National Classical Dance Company

The choreographic centre will shortly be the headquarters of the future National Company for Classical Dancing, which will be led by Victor Ullate, the teacher of the most famous Spanish dance stars worldwide.

For its grand public opening on February 20th 2009, Albert Boadella programmed the show called “A night at the Canal”, one of his creations which combines music, dance and theatre.

Fiat’s product launch on Harlequin Hi-Shine

Fiat’s product launch on Harlequin Hi-Shine

In 2007, Fiat relaunched its most popular model, the legendary Fiat 500, lovingly called the “Yoghurt Pot”. In Spain, this new model was launched with a fanfare.

In all the Fiat dealerships the car was displayed on a 15m² platform, covered with ultra shiny white Harlequin Hi-Shine. Voted car of the Year 2008, the racy little Italian number has rekindled all of its 50 year appeal.

Let it shine!

Ideal for contemporary dance, opera, theatre, events and entertainment, Harlequin Hi-Shine transforms your floor into a breathtakingly spectacular glossy surface.

Victor Ullate always chooses Harlequin!

Victor Ullate always chooses Harlequin!

Victor Ullate, ex principal dancer with Maurice Béjart, is a world star leading his own dance studio.

The charismatic ballet teacher and choreographer is the Artistic Director at the Municipal Ballet in Madrid and always chooses Harlequin flooring!

Testimony of Victor Ullate

“I always choose Harlequin to equip my various dance or rehearsal studios. To me, the Harlequin dance floors always guarantee quality. They offer maximum safety to my dancers and I feel good when dancing on my Harlequin Liberty sprung floor. In addition, a Harlequin Studio vinyl floor offers supplementary comfort when we dance. Harlequin is the best choice.”


The Swedish Royal Opera chooses Harlequin

The Swedish Royal Opera chooses Harlequin

Equipped with Harlequin Cascade and Harlequin Studio vinyl floors, the Swedish National Ballet is characterised by harmonious synergy, combining the most traditional architectural frame with exceptional acoustic equipment for top level performances.

“The National Ballet represents the heart of opera and ballet tradition in Sweden.” according to Ingemar Carlsson, technical consultant at the Swedish Royal Opera.

Consulted about the renovation of the Royal Opera stage, Ingemar Carlsson is already working on elaborating the suspended metallic structure to accommodate the Harlequin Liberty sprung dance floor that is being anticipated for the stage.