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Harlequin Liberty & Dance Information Norway

Harlequin Liberty & Dance Information Norway

Danseinformasjonen - Dance Information Norway, established in 1994, is the national information and resource centre for the art of dance. The centre is a non-profit foundation, aiming to promote dance in a multitude of ways, e.g. information work, counseling and guidance for artists, students, general audience, press and government. They also organize talks and discussions and co- produce and support other initiatives for the art of dance.

Harlequin fulfilled this summer their special request for a custom made sprung floor by providing a 200m2 of Harlequin Liberty panel system which was painted in RAL 1502-G grey colour. This floor has been laid in the Scenehuset - «The Norwegian Judson Church», a former chapel which since 1990 has been one of the most important rehearsal spaces for dance productions in Norway, as well as an alternative stage. Almost every Norwegian choreographer and dancer has at some point in time used Scenehuset, which is administrated by Dance Information Norway.

Thomas Harbo, the technical consultant for this project, reported after the installation of the floor that “The feedback we have gotten from the dancers and other users are fantastic. They all love the new floor! Thank you for helping us with the challenge of making a floor with these specific details”.