Cultural Centre of Elche

Cultural Centre of Elche
The City of Elche adapted a former abattoir into a modern cultural centre that has the ambition to become a reference in the field of artistic and cultural creation.

The new facilities include a theatre with 180 seats, dance and music studios as well as various spaces for theatre or other artistic activities.

A short description of the building site

  • Type of site: Complete renovation of the former abattoir in Elche
  • Architect: Julio Subasta
  • Number of rooms: 8

Why did you choose Harlequin?

Paco Sarabia, Director of the Cultural Centre
“Because all the experts I consulted told me that Harlequin has the best floors in the world.”

The selected products
The contemporary dance room was equipped with a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor, covered with a Harlequin Studio vinyl floor, the most comfortable dance floor in our range. The Spanish and multidisciplinary dance studio was equipped with a Harlequin Activity sprung floor, covered with a hot welded Harlequin Standfast vinyl floor. The theatre's stage floor is a Harlequin Cascade vinyl dance and stage floor, one of the most hard-wearing floors in our range of dance floors.