Barcelona Theatre Institute

Barcelona Theatre Institute
The Theatre Institute of Diputació in Barcelona is one of the most important advanced schools for training, research and broadcasting of performing arts in Europe.

Located in a quarter of Barcelona, which is called “The City of Theatre”, this vibrant centre also has a dance company “IT Dansa”, which helps young dancers to become professional.

A short description of the building site

  • Type of site: Construction of a new building
  • Architect: Ramón Sanabria en 2000
  • Number of rooms: 17 dance and body expression studios, seven interpretation studios, 16 rooms for lectures

Why did you opt for Harlequin?

José Cruz, Head of the Department of Classical Dance
“Harlequin is the specialist in dance floors and flooring products. In addition, we have the guarantee that we use the most used dance floors worldwide.”

The selected products

The Harlequin Liberty sprung floor was chosen for its exceptional shock absorption whereas the Harlequin Activity sprung floor was chosen because it can significantly reduce the noise impact of percussive dance.
The Harlequin Cascade vinyl floor was chosen for its robustness and the Harlequin Duo vinyl floor for its versatility and ease of transport.