Established in England in 1977, Harlequin’s experience and reputation are founded on the manufacture and supply of floors which are preferred by dancers and performers at the world’s leading venues which include Paris Opera Ballet, the Royal Opera House, the Bolshoi Theatre, Beijing Cultural Centre and Sydney Dance Company.

Harlequin Duo - Harlequin's "first born"

As a pioneer, Harlequin first launched the Harlequin Duo two-tone vinyl floor which, at the time, revolutionised dance halls and theatre stages. Later, several stars of dancing contributed to the success and the reputation of the Harlequin brand.

From Nureyev to Gil Roman

The Harlequin Studio vinyl floor, for example, was developed for Rudolf Nureyev when he arrived at the Paris Opera. This vinyl floor, the most comfortable one in our range, was Maurice Béjart’s favourite and remains the favourite product of his spiritual son and successor Gil Roman.

Harlequin Liberty revolutionises Flamenco

More recently, María Pagés contributed to the institutionalisation of the Harlequin Liberty sprung floor in Spain. Since then, this sprung floor, which at first was designed for classical and modern dancing, has become THE reference for Flamenco.

It’s possible to avoid injuries

Harlequin floors are versatile and durable. They are designed in close collaboration with the artistic, technical and medical world. Harlequin sprung floors offer a guarantee for better protection from injuries for dancers providing them with a feeling of optimum safety.

38+ years of dedication

Over 40 years after its creation, the Harlequin Group is still the world leader in flooring for dance, shows and events and reinforces its slogan day after day “The world dances on Harlequin floors”©.

Bob Dagger, founder and CEO of the Harlequin Group says: “When I launched my company in England over 40 years ago, I aimed at designing floors for theatre and dance using new, advanced materials. I am pleased to note that today, nearly all of the world’s most prestigious dance companies, along with many of the world’s largest venues, recognise the advantages of Harlequin floors; fewer injury risks and improvement of artists’ trust in the floor.”