All Harlequin floors are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in manufacture, provided that claims are made within six months of date of despatch or installation by us. The Company's liability extends only to replacement of the product found to be defective and not to incidental or consequential loss or damage. For example, if the end user installs a floor with an apparent fault, the Company is not responsible for the installation costs. From time to time we may sell B-grade flooring at a reduced price. If you knowingly purchase this then the unconditional guarantee will therefore not apply, as you would have been made aware of any defects before purchase.

Harlequin Activity, Harlequin Liberty, Harlequin Vitality, Harlequin Allegro, Harlequin Cascade, Harlequin Duo, Harlequin Fiesta, Harlequin Standfast and Harlequin Studio are guaranteed for reasonable wear and tear for five years. However, we know from long experience that the use of floorings for stage and dance, especially tap dancing, is more arduous than conventional commercial use. Our guarantee has to exclude unreasonable damage and hazards (e.g. falling weights and stage tackle, dragging of stage carpentry with protruding fasteners, loose screws on taps, etc.) but we do take a sympathetic view towards such damage. In the event of a repair being required, we will help and advise even beyond the guarantee period.